Thursday, April 3, 2008

snack bar on the PIFF street

Have you ever eaten dried cuttlefish grilled with butter?
If you come to Busan, you may visit PIFF (Pusan international flim festival) street.
There are many theaters.
In front of theaters, you can see many snack bars like a photo.
They sell tasty and interesting snacks.
Why don't you visit Busan when PIFF is held?


J.C. said...

Hi Jung Min,

Grilled cuttlefish is delicious!
But with butter...mmmmm....that would be more yummy!!!

I have heard of Pusan International Film Festival. I think I saw once when the movie about 2 brothers separated during Korean War won the Best Movie award. Sorry, I can't remember the name of the movie.

Thank you for visiting my blog and try to participate in the Wolferstan Street Quiz. I would like to send you a postcard for attempting to find the answer. Could you kindly email your address to me at: Congratulations!

alicesg said...

Oh yes, I tried these cuttlefish in Jeju Island,Korea, Yummy. Nice photo of street scenes and hope to see more. Thanks for sharing and thanks for your visit to my blog. Have a nice weekend.

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Murphy_jay said...

Hi JungMin, Welcome to DP!

I have just been to seoul. Very cool city.. Hope to visit Busan in future.

margaret atkinson said...

Annyoung, JungMin!
I love your photos! My sister has taught English in Korea for many years, and I love to visit her there. It is a beautiful country. Good luck with your blog, it is great!