Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cherry blossom

Spring comes in Busan!


It's my first post in my blog.
I'm not good at English, but I'll do my best (maybe...kk)
Wow! I'm glad to see you all :p


J.C. said...

Hey Jungmin,

Welcome to the Daily Photo Blog (DPB) family!!

You are doing fine with your English! I am improving my English each day by writing short introduction of each photo taken. It's a good chance to learn from all the DPB-ers! Don't worry, just have fun!

Benjamin Madison said...

Hi Jungmin, and welcome to CDPB. Don't worry about your English - it's fine. I taught English in Korea some time ago - in Chongup. I look forward to seeing many photos of your beautiful country.

jungmin said...

Hello J.C.,
Thank you for your warm welcome and advice :D

Hi benjamin,
You were an English teacher in Korea! Wow~

alicesg said...

Beautiful Cherry Blossom. I visited Seoul last week and the cherry blossom had not bloom yet.