Monday, March 31, 2008

The window

On my way home, I saw a deserted house.
And this is a window of the house.
Doesn't it look like a picture on the wall?


alicesg said...

Nice photo. Yes, It really looked like a picture on the wall. Thanks for your comments in my blog. I visited Seoul, Jeju Island, Daegu. No, I did not visit Busan, perhaps another time. Nice to meet you.

jungmin said...

Nice to meet you, alicesg!
Busan is beautiful port city. Visit Busan someday :D

J.C. said...

Another nice photo, Jung Min! Very creative!

I have not been to Korea before. But have worked with some nice Korean gentlemen before. And of course watch a lot of Korean dramas! In fact, my sis is watching one now. Part II of Gong.

Olivier said...

bravo pour la présentation, c'est vraiment très original
Bravo for the presentation, it's very original

jungmin said...

J.C./Oh, really? What's your favorite Korean drama? And What is 'Part II of Gong'? Is it title of Korean drama in your country?

Olivier/Thank you for your praise :D

cat said...

be entertained

Pat Cotter said...

Great picture! I hope you will start your picture a day in Busan again! My daughter was born there and three months later we adopted her in 1983. Now another daughter lives in Korea to teach English. We will be visiting this spring and coming to Busan!